Wow! Through a circle through Armenia to Georgia

Wow! Through a circle through Armenia to Georgia

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A route awaits us, which includes visiting many locations in Armenia and exploring Georgia, from Tbilisi to Batumi.

In Armenia we will visit Yerevan, visit the unforgettable region with the temples of Garni and Gegrad, the coast of Sevan and the Dilijan nature reserve.

In Georgia we will walk around Tbilisi, and then we will go to Kakheti and Imereti, we will see both the main locations and cities, towns and places hidden from prying eyes. And we will finish the trip in Batumi.

The program is very rich so that you can see and immerse yourself in the countries as much as possible. But at the same time, there is a balance between excursions, travel, activities and free time. We created this tour in one breath and with maximum love.


Day 1

Arrival in Yerevan and check-in at the hotel.

Walk around the city.

Dinner-acquaintance in a national tavern.

We meet at Yerevan Zvartnots Airport until 14:00. We take a shared transfer to check into the hotel. In the afternoon we go for a walk around Yerevan and explore the city.

Let's start our walk from the top of the famous Cascade and see Ararat in the rays of sunset, climb down 572 steps. Let's walk through the center - Yerevan is a very stylish city.

Numerous modern and unusual sculptures, a bronze map of Yerevan, and the special atmosphere of the capital of Armenia await us. The route will pass through Theater Square, Northern Avenue and Republic Square - one of the most beautiful squares in the world!

Let's take a look at the real market of Yerevan, which is called GUM, and you will be surprised to see what's inside :) Here you can buy the most delicious Armenian dried fruits and everything related to them, it's very tasty! Wine, sweets, jam, spices and everything you want to bring deliciously from Armenia!

And then we’ll go for dinner at one of the local colorful taverns - get to know each other, Armenian cuisine and wine!

Day 2

Breakfast and check-out from the hotel;

Cave Monastery of Geghard;
Symphony of Stones;
Pagan temple of Garni;
Lake Sevan and Sevanavank Monastery;
lunch on the shore of Sevan with freshly caught whitefish;
monastery in the Haghartsin mountains;
Dilijan - Armenian Switzerland;
Transfer to Tbilisi (3.5-4 hours) and check-in at a hotel.

Today we are leaving Yerevan. Our journey through the beauties of Armenia begins!
Throughout the trip, we will have a local guide with us who will immerse us in the history of Armenia.

The first point is the Geghard monastery, it is carved into the rock and surrounded on all sides by majestic mountains and forest.

Monasteries, temples and churches in Armenia are not just a place for prayer and unity with God. This is a whole ensemble of mountains, rivers, plants, inscribed in nature and, of course, Great History. Each has its own atmosphere and its own beauty. Near the monastery you can try real gata - a sweet pie with filling. Each region of the country prepares gata according to its own recipe.

The next point will be an unusual natural location - the Symphony of Stones, it reminded me very much of Iceland. Stone pillars hanging down a sheer cliff. A very fascinating and beautiful place. Here we have to take cool photos!

And so we make our way to a piece of Greece in Armenia - the only pagan III in the country. Garni Temple, built in the 1st century AD. It is very similar to ancient Greek Temples. It has its own atmosphere: some pray, some want to explore as much as possible, and some enjoy the architecture.

We will examine the temple and the territory, take incredible photos on the remains of the church foundation, where you can clearly see the “plan” overlooking the pagan temple. Such a mixture of cultures can only be seen firsthand here in Armenia. We will see an inscription in a Roman bath: we worked, we worked, but we were not paid, it’s both funny and sad, partly everything in the world remains the same as thousands of years ago.

And we will go to study Armenia in the next region, towards Sevan. We will see one of the most ancient monasteries in Armenia - Sevanavank. It is unique in that it is made of black tuff. Basically, red shades are used everywhere.

The monastery is located on a peninsula, which was an island 50 years ago. From here you can enjoy an incredible panorama of the entire Sevan and get great photos!

Afterwards, our road will pass along V. Lake Sevan. We have already passed it along the way, but now we will stop at the lookout and take incredible photos.

We'll have lunch on the shore with freshly caught whitefish and grated and fried potatoes in butter with a beautiful view - it's incredibly delicious! Once again we will enjoy the views of the piercing blue waters of the lake and the mountain range around, feed the seagulls and teleport to the Dilijan Nature Reserve.

The first thing we will visit here is the Haghartsin Monastery, located high in the mountains, in an incredible pristine forest. He, like something beautiful, froze among the majestic trees and mountains. The road to it through the forest in the mountains is a separate pleasure (it is possible to visit it at dusk, in the evening, then we will see an incredibly starry sky). The time to visit the monastery depends on our pace, road and weather conditions.

We descend and make our way to Dilijan - a city that is called local Switzerland; legendary Soviet films were filmed here. Very cozy, narrow and cobblestone streets create their own flavor.

We say goodbye to our guide and after 3 hours a new country awaits us - Georgia! The road to Tbilisi will take 3.5-4 hours, depending on the road and the situation at the border.

Arrival at the hotel in Tbilisi is planned around 23-24 pm.

Day 3

We get enough sleep after a busy day yesterday and have breakfast.

Excursion-walk around Tbilisi with a guide who is in love with his city.

In the 2nd half of the day free time in Tbilisi to fall in love with the city even more.

We wake up and have a delicious breakfast at the hotel. Satisfied and happy, let's go fall in love with Tbilisi. I'm sure you will be fascinated!

We will devote the whole day today to Tbilisi. We will have a walking tour with a local guide who is in love with his city.

A professional guide will take us through the narrow streets and wide avenues of the capital of Georgia. He will tell you about the traditions and customs of Georgians, about the country and how Tiflis was founded. We will see the incredibly atmospheric Old Tbilisi, take the cable car to the observation deck, which offers a breathtaking view of the city, to the Mother of Kartli (Georgia) monument and to the Narikala fortress.

The walk will take 3-4 hours and will immerse you in the cozy atmosphere of Tbilisi. You will explore the city from different angles with interesting stories from a local guide.

Freedom Square, the Peace Bridge and Rike Park, the Fig Gorge, the sulfur bath complex and the mosaic bathhouse where Pushkin steamed, the waterfall in the city center, the Gabriadze Tower, the churches of Sioni and Anchiskhati, and for a long time we can list everything that we will visit this morning and day in Tbilisi.

After the excursion, you will have free time. Hurray!, you say, now you can relax and devote time to what you want for yourself. You can go shopping in stores that no longer exist in Russia. Or maybe you want to spend the evening in the famous sulfur baths? Or just walk around the city, enjoying its atmosphere at your own pace, go to the Botanical Garden or a museum? The choice is yours! And we will help with all questions and advise with the route!

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Day 4

wine region - Kakheti;
city ​​of love - European Sighnaghi;
Alazani Valley and Bodbe Monastery;
excursions and tastings at the Khareba winery (3-4 wines and chacha) and in the house of family winemakers (8-12 wines and chacha);
master class on baking Georgian puri bread in tone and preparing real churchkhela;
return to Tbilisi (~21-23 hours) and free time.
Today we are going to conquer Kakheti! To visit Kakheti, but not taste it and not see how wine is produced is a crime, so we go to drink a lot, eat deliciously and prepare local delicacies.

We will visit two fundamentally different wineries: a large production facility and a cozy family estate.

The first point is one of the largest wine production factories in Georgia - Khareba.

The largest share of wines produced in Georgia comes from Kakheti. Local Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Mtsvane Kakhuri, Kisi, Khikhvi, Kakheti Mtsvivani and other varieties are truly one of the first examples of the country's wine culture. We will be told about these and other varieties, as well as wine production technologies, during the excursion.

We will take a walk around the territory of the plant and go to the Kvareli wine tunnel, cut into the Caucasian rock massif. It was opened in 1962 and has a total length of 7.7 km. Here we can see qvevri and wine cellars.

And of course we will taste truly wonderful wine. Once you try Georgian dry, it will be impossible to forget it.

Here we will be given master classes on baking traditional Georgian puri bread in tone (tandoor). In the country they eat it everywhere and buy 3 flatbreads at a time. Do you know what it is like - a crispy piece of bread flaming in your hands?

Let's prepare churchkhela from natural grape juice with walnuts. It will not yet have time to harden before you bite off the puri and try the soft, sweet and sour churchkhela, prepared with your own hands! It’s impossible to describe the pleasure - just try it!

Afterwards, we go to explore the city of love Sighnaghi. Here lived the artist Niko Pirosmani, who gave his beloved a million red roses; it is about him that songs are sung.

Sighnaghi is an incredibly cute and colorful town in a European style. We will walk along the narrow cobblestone streets, look into the courtyards and climb the tower, and if we are lucky, we will see a Georgian wedding, because the registry office is open 24/7 here and any couple can come and sign.

Let's take a look at the Bodbe Monastery, where people come from all over the world, because the relics of the enlightener of Georgia, Saint Equal-to-the-Apostles Nino, rest there.

The territory of the monastery offers the best view of the Alazani Valley. And we’ll have lunch in a cafe on the observation deck, from here the best view of Sighnaghi opens!

The extreme point for today will be family wine production. We are going to the house of a family of winemakers. This is the most authentic, classy, ​​and soulful winery experience in a house we've ever been to.

It was no coincidence that we left this tasting for the evening - it will be very extensive and long. We will try more than 10-12 types of wines accompanied by long stories from the guide-founder of the production and real Georgian horn toasts! Let's leave our mark with a marker on the ceiling or wall of the house, take a photo with the wine tree and see how they drive chacha! And no one else will definitely leave here without a bottle! The wine is really very tasty and high quality. This is our location from the heart!

In the evening, we return to Tbilisi to relax after such a busy day or continue to explore the city through walks and cuisine :) You will have free time.

Day 5

Breakfast and check-out from the hotel in Tbilisi.

Jvari Monastery and the confluence of the Aragvi and Kura rivers;
the cave city of Uplistsikhe, which arose at the beginning of the 1st millennium BC;
non-tourist real Georgia;
the only cable car city in the country is Chiatura;
lunch at a cafe in Paris;
rock monastery Mgvimevi;
arrival in Batumi, check-in to the apartment and free time.
The first point and immediately a surprise from the organizers! Another very beautiful location today is the Jvari Temple , which offers a breathtaking view of Mtskheta - the oldest capital of Georgia, the city is more than 5000 years old and the confluence of the Aragva and Kura rivers. Atmospheric photos and sightseeing of Mtskheta from above are provided

The next location is planned for the most ancient cave city in Georgia - Uplistsikhe.
On the way we will pass the city of Gori, Stalin was born here and there are few places in the world where you can drive along Stalin Avenue.

Uplistsikhe is completely carved into the rock and is located on the left bank of the Mtkvari River. It is one of the first cities founded on the territory of eastern Georgia.

The cave city is included in the list of UNESCO protected sites, and once here, you will plunge into a completely different world. 1000 and 1 room and 2-3-room apartments, warehouses, a well, ancient stoves and a room where there was a pharmacy have been preserved here. You can see how the wine was aged in qvevris, which are also carved into the rock.

We will wander for a long time through the floors of the city and look everywhere under the stories of the local guide. Incredibly atmospheric photos await you!

Today is a very busy day for locations and impressions! We will travel many kilometers deep into the country, to real, historical, industrial Georgia . Where you will see not those restored streets, popular locations and crowds of tourists, but small towns and villages , in places devastated and the legacy of the Soviet era. Today, only the real side of Georgia awaits you - the beauty of nature and new technologies, inscribed in a place that seems to have been forgotten forever.

Chiatura is the only cable car city in the country . There are as many as 17 of them here! The history of the city began in the 19th century, when deposits of manganese ore were discovered here. In the mid-20th century, the authorities decided to turn Chiatura into a city of the future and began building the first passenger cable cars in the USSR. They were needed not for entertainment, but for moving people, because the city is located on both sides of the gorge.

Now, for safety reasons, all the old cable cars have been closed, and the French have built new modern ones with glass cabins. We will ride on many of them, to different directions of the city and admire the breathtaking views!

We'll have a symbolic lunch at the Paris cafe and, of course, look into abandoned buildings and old cable car stations, which, among other things, are also cool observation points :)

The new cable cars did not give the city new houses or turn it back into a modern industrial center. Therefore, we will see the legacy of the Soviet era that remains. In some places abandoned, in others restored, in others left as it was. The life of the country in an ordinary small town in the mountains, where the beauty of nature, panel buildings, private houses and new technologies intersect. But! The main thing is the people, everyone is just as kind, hospitable and smiling :)

In Chiatura there is a little-known nunnery - Mgvimevi, presumably from the 13th century. The Cave Monastery is located entirely on a sheer cliff with a natural cave inside. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is located in a stone hall that penetrates into the rock to a depth of more than 35 meters. The services take place entirely in the cave, which can only be accessed through a tunnel. Afterwards, we will go outside from the cave and walk along the narrow path of the gallery with breathtaking views of the mountains and the industrial development of the outskirts of Chiatura.

Mgvimevi is a truly inimitable and unique place that is worth visiting not only because of the religious component. Afterwards, if we have time, we’ll take another ride on the cable car over the evening city at sunset.

Late in the evening, we arrive in the capital of Adjara - Batumi! We check into the apartment and relax after such a busy day.

Planning your first meeting with the sea on this journey today under the light of the moon?! Or will you leave it for tomorrow morning at dawn? You will have free time and the choice is yours! :) You can go have dinner, starting to get acquainted with Adjarian khachapuri, or take a walk around the city and relax.

Day 6

Mountain Adjara: we will travel from Batumi to Khulo and back;
what awaits today? ― green mountains of Adjara, a road through a narrow gorge, powerful mountain rivers and waterfalls, arched and ancient bridges, incredible views around and intoxicating air;
confluence of rivers;
Mirveti and Makhuntseti waterfalls;
ancient arched bridge of Queen Tamara;
lunch in a beautiful authentic place;
Khulo is the main village far in the mountains;
an authentic cable car through the gorge, with a single Soviet cabin and a panoramic view around;
return to Batumi in the evening and free time;
first morning in sunny and hot Batumi.
We woke up, smiled, took a deep breath of the salty smell of the sea and are ready for new adventures - to discover the nature that we have not yet seen on this journey.

At the same time, immersion in incredibly beautiful nature, in places reminiscent of very humid tropics, with trees covered in moss and ferns, and inspection of historical locations; many ancient arched bridges have been preserved. Or maybe we will be lucky to hear prayer in one of the mosques in the mountain villages. Yes, yes, Muslims live in Georgia, there are many Muslims in Adjara, and we’ll find out why on the tour.

We drive towards the mountains along the river, through a mountain gorge. The first location is a powerful and clearly visible confluence of the Adzharistskali and Chorokh rivers. One river is a “dirty” brown hue, and the other is transparent and blue-emerald in color.

River confluences are always and everywhere considered places of power. For many, this is a special place where you want to relax, think, be silent and feel the whole atmosphere around.

By tradition, we’ll take impressive photos, but can I not write about this in every location?! From this trip you will bring 1000+ pictures.

Just a little more and we prepare our nerves and cameras - we drive by car along a narrow suspension bridge to the village where it is hidden. Amazing Mirveti waterfall. Let's feel like we're in the real tropics, take a short walk and taste the purest cold water from the waterfall.

Are you ready to touch history? We climb the stone arched III. The Queen Tamara Bridge, which was built in the 12th century and has survived to this day as it was. Made of large stones connected to each other with mortar. Below you are tons of fast-moving water, behind you is a gorge stretching into the distance, and around you are high green mountains. Introduced?

Now we intensify the sensations and climb to the 30-meter Makhuntseti waterfall. This is one of the highest and most spectacular waterfalls today. We can enjoy it to the maximum and see it in full. Water falls from a steep cliff at 90 degrees, flowing into the cascades of a mountain river over the stones.

In locations along the route, you can try products produced by local residents (honey, wine, chacha, cheeses) and buy souvenirs. Please note that the full flow of the waterfalls depends on weather conditions.

Then we will drive along the gorge, enjoying the newly opening views. Let's stop at the arched bridge, Soviet-built. It is made in a very interesting architectural image and impressive design. If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to go upstairs to the observation deck and feel like birds soaring above all the beauty.

We will have lunch in an authentic beautiful place with a view. Let's try wines not from Kakheti and Imereti, but from Adjarian vineyards. And let’s begin, if you have not already done so, to get acquainted with Adjarian national dishes and continue to try the generally accepted Georgian ones.

The extreme point today will be the remote mountain village of Khulo. The village is located on a mountain plateau on both sides of a gorge with a mountain river, at an altitude of 923m above sea level. Here you can see how people live in the villages and in the mountains. A leisurely life, men playing backgammon, chess and checkers, village shops, wood for heating the stove. Besides all this, the views around and “the beauty” in which people live, and already consider it commonplace, are amazing.

The culmination of today's journey, a place where tourists do not reach by bus, but only by travelers - VI. Cable car through the gorge to another Khulo ridge. It was built in 1985 and we will drive along it 1919m, almost 2 km! And the booth is still the same, from 85, beautifully painted red and only one, with an employee inside who controls the process. It is very authentic and unusual, immersing you in a special atmosphere. Local residents use the cable car as a common means of transportation from home to the market and to the bus stop.

Having landed on the other side of the ridge, we will walk among the wooden huts “on chicken legs”, chase the cows, talk to the guards, they will definitely invite us to drink chacha :) We will enjoy the views, take the cable car and return to the car. It's time for us to go back.

We will return to Batumi in the evening, perhaps it will be late evening, it all depends on our pace. You will have free time to walk and have dinner. And we will suggest the best view restaurants and authentic local cafes.

Day 7

We wake up and enjoy the sun and sea again.

Excursion-walk with a local guide around the many faces of Batumi.

In the 2nd half of the day, free time in Batumi to fall in love with the city even more, relax on the beach or go to a view spa.

Lounge longer in bed or swim in the sea at dawn, what will you choose? I am sure that you had a delicious breakfast and drank a cup of invigorating Turkish coffee. Satisfied and happy, we go to immerse ourselves in history and truly get to know Batumi.

We will devote the first half of today to Batumi. We will have a walking tour with a local guide, who will tell us much more about the capital of Adjara than we could have imagined when we were just walking around the city.

A local guide will take us along the modern promenade, 7 km long and streets with tall glass skyscrapers reminiscent of Dubai, a park with singing fountains, behind which rise blue towers and numerous construction sites of more and more new hotels, and then turn into narrow, cobblestone streets Old Batumi, which is no longer 1 century old.

Batumi is an amazing city of interweaving cultures and peoples, mansions of the 19th-20th centuries, panels and modern high-rises. The city and Adjara, in general, have a complicated history; the lands were part of one or another state. This is where the current appearance of Batumi comes from, where you can find an Orthodox church, a church and a mosque.

We will see all the iconic places, sculptures, houses, squares and streets of the city. Do you know the history of the sculpture of Ali and Nino striving for each other, which consist of metal plates? If not, you will find out and be surprised. Not only popular locations on our route today, but also hidden cozy Batumi courtyards inaccessible to tourists , the local unhurried life of the indigenous population and secret locations.

The walk will take 2.5-3.5 hours and will immerse you as much as possible in the leisurely, interesting, beautiful life of the city. You will explore the city from its many sides, accompanied by interesting stories from a sincere guide.

After the excursion, you will have free time. You can dedicate it to what everyone wants when they come to the south - soak up the beach and swim to your heart's content in the sea. Or maybe you will be so inspired by the city that you will decide to continue exploring it even more and will walk until nightfall through the streets, bars and small family wineries and restaurants of Batumi?!

You can also go to a hotel on a steep cliff, where there is a spa and a swimming pool overlooking the sea, from which the water drains into a cliff. And below is a wild beach with clear water. And we will tell you the address, how to get there and where to go.

Day 8

Check-out from the apartment is until 12:00 (if you stay longer, we can extend it).

A tearful farewell and transfer to Batumi airport at 12:00 (for those flying from Batumi, included in the price).

Assistance with transfers to the airports of Kutaisi, Tbilisi and Vladikavkaz (transfer is paid for independently).

No matter how sorry we are, today is the last day of our big, interesting, varied and eventful journey in our cheerful team. We say goodbye to you, but not completely, we really hope that you liked it and look forward to seeing you again in other programs, other tours, countries and places!

You decide how to structure your day today. Should I stay in Batumi and relax peacefully after a busy tour or return home?

You can fly directly from Batumi, but if the tickets are inconvenient or are far from budget, then you can consider Tbilisi and Kutaisi airports for departure (you can get to them by train or bus, private transfer, we will help with tickets). You can also fly from Vladikavkaz and at the same time drive along the incredibly beautiful Georgian military road and the Cross Pass. The journey from Batumi to Vladikavkaz will take 8-9 hours, depending on the road and the situation at the border. It is better to take a flight at 23:05 or fly the next day. We will tell you where to find a group transfer.

If you decide to stay in Batumi, we can extend your apartment for the required period.

For any questions you still have, write to us via messages on the website.

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Organizer's comment

During the tour we will travel in a comfortable car with a driver. We will have walking tours. If necessary, we travel between locations within the city by taxi. The tour program is designed so that we are busy from morning to evening. In a small number of days, we will see and explore the countries as much as possible.
Any healthy person can cope with the tour program; no special skills or preparation are required.

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Natalya – author and travel guide
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Organizer languages: Russian

Hello! I am an organizer of soulful and memorable tours. There are always 2 organizers on our tours: me and my husband Nikita. We visited all the locations of our travels ourselves and studied them thoroughly and now we want to show wonderful Russia to you! Tours are always fun, drunk and delicious :) Once upon a time I overcame my fears and started traveling and I want everyone to have this opportunity and great company on the trip. So that everyone can experience these indescribable sensations


Above Average

Hotel  Boutique hotel in Yerevan  1 night

Hotel  Boutique hotel in Tbilisi  3 nights

Apartment  Apartments in modern towers or mini-hotels in Batumi  3 nights

We will live in comfortable hotels and 3-4* boutique hotels, and in Batumi in a hotel or apartments in towers near the sea. Double occupancy.

If you come on a tour alone, you will share a room with another tour participant based on gender. The beds are separate.

If you are coming as a couple, the room will have 1 double bed.

Single occupancy is possible with additional payment, upon request.

Triple occupancy is possible (for families/friends), upon request and availability.

It is possible to replace accommodation from the hotels listed on the website with others of the same level of comfort.

1 Night

Spacious rooms, cozy and cute hotel garden with birds. The location is not in the center, but in a pleasant “small center” area with shops and food courts nearby. Very nice and caring staff. For breakfast you can ask for freshly brewed Armenian coffee, and eat right away for lunch.

3 Night

Stylish and cozy hotel in the city center above Rustaveli Avenue. The shared balcony where breakfast is served offers views of the city. Small, but designer and with everything you need, rooms. Delicious and healthy breakfast buffet.

3 Night

Accommodation in stylish apartments of famous towers in the center of city life and literally 5 minutes from the sea. Or in the rooms of a small cozy hotel :) The rooms/apartments have everything you need. Mountain/city/sea view. Breakfast is not included in the apartments, but there is a kitchen and you can prepare your own breakfast. Shops/cafes and coffee shops nearby, within walking distance

Tour conditions

Included in price

  • accommodation in Boutique Hotel 3* in Yerevan (1 night), double occupancy;
  • accommodation in Boutique Hotel 4* in the center of Tbilisi (3 nights), double occupancy;
  • accommodation in apartments in towers overlooking the sea/mountains/city of Batumi (3 nights), double occupancy;
  • breakfasts from 2 to 5 days of the tour in hotels. From 6 to 8 days, when staying in an apartment, breakfast can be prepared, there is a kitchen;
  • transfer from Yerevan airport to the hotel at 14:00-14:30;
  • transfer from Yerevan to Tbilisi;
  • transfer from apartments in Batumi to Batumi airport at 12:00;
  • travel by car and all expenses associated with travel during the tour program;
  • guide services on a walking tour of Tbilisi;
  • guide services on a trip around Armenia on day 2;
  • guide services in the cave city of Uplistsikhe;
  • guide services on a walking tour of Batumi;
  • 2 tastings in wineries, a tour of the wine tunnel, 2 master classes;
  • all entrance tickets to locations according to the tour program;
  • absolutely the entire program prescribed for the tour;
  • full support throughout the entire tour by 1-2 organizers.

Excluded in price

  • arrival in Yerevan and return flight from Batumi/Tbilisi/Kutaisi/Vladikavkaz (the city for the return flight is at your discretion);
  • lunches/dinners;
  • breakfasts from 6 to 8 days of the tour. The apartments have a kitchen, there are many cafes and coffee shops nearby;
  • personal expenses;
  • single occupancy for an additional fee fee, if desired.

It is important to know

The program on the tour is very intense, you will have little free time, this tour is for active people who want to see and try the maximum in a short period of time. We won't walk very much; we'll go everywhere by car. Free time will be on days 3 and 7 after excursions around the city, as well as in the evenings, after the main program.

The price of the tour includes absolutely the entire active program, which is prescribed, as well as accommodation, breakfasts from days 2 to 5, transfer from/to the airport, between countries, accompaniment of the organizer, transportation and all costs for cars, excursions, tastings, master classes, etc. .d.

Additionally, you only need to buy tickets to Yerevan and back from Batumi/Tbilisi/Kutaisi/Vladikavkaz and take money for lunches and dinners not included in the program. Georgia and Armenia are a country with a not inflated price tag; on average, a day will cost up to 1500-2500 rubles per person for food. You must understand that the final amount depends on your preferences. You can eat for 400 rubles or 2000 rubles :)

Movement on tour. Throughout the tour, we will also travel in comfortable cars (passenger car, minivan, or minibus), the type of transport will depend on the number of people in the group. But we always care about your comfort! All cars are prepared and ready to move along the route!

Tour format. The format of all our trips is youth. This does not mean that if you are not already 35, then you cannot go on tour! You can also take children from 9 years old on this trip. If you want to take a younger child, please let us know and we will discuss this possibility.

We do not set an upper limit on the age of participants; if this format suits you, then we will be glad to see you on the tour! Older people often travel with us and everyone is always as comfortable as possible :)

The youth format means that the tour is very eventful, active, and fun. On the tour, we become one team and carry it out on an easy, friendly, somewhat intoxicating wave :) A sincere atmosphere, responsible and caring organizers - that’s what awaits you on our tours.

Please note that the tour does not have a professional guide. The organizers conduct the entire tour, but the organizers are not the same as the guide, we do not have a microphone and we do not talk about each house along the way. The organizers will provide basic information about the locations along the route. On this tour you need to contemplate and enjoy nature more :) A professional guide will be on a tour of Tbilisi, Batumi, the cave city of Uplistsikhe and on a trip to Armenia on day 2, as well as local guides at wineries in Kakheti.

The rest of the time, we, the organizers, will accompany you, so the cost of the tour is much cheaper for you, and we will give basic information on the locations, but tell you constantly and answer the questions: What kind of grass grows? And what is that tower over there after 5 km? And the like we won’t be able to do, please take this into account when choosing a tour!

The organizers reserve the right to change the days of the program at their discretion with full preservation of the tour program and airports of arrival and departure.

Dear travelers, we want to inform you about some of the points that we require of our guests to make the trip comfortable and classy, ​​both for you and for us.

We want to see in our team cheerful, positive guys who know how to enjoy life, who came to truly relax, explore the country and meet new interesting people! Please, if you don’t know how to laugh, smile, enjoy life and everywhere you look only for shortcomings that can be found in absolutely everything, don’t choose our tours for your trip, you won’t like it.

We treat each of our travelers with great trepidation, love and responsibility ! Hope for understanding.

Please pay attention! The rallies that are currently taking place in Tbilisi and Yerevan are peaceful! The rallies will probably be over by our tour dates. They will not interfere with the tours and do not threaten the life and health of tourists! No one harasses, insults or indulges in illegal, intimidating and humiliating actions towards tourists, including citizens of Russia, Belarus, etc.

We live here and like no one else we can say that everything is safe, knowing what is shown on the news and in social news channels. networks! Please do not panic and be afraid to go here, thinking that it is unsafe - it is not! Georgia and Armenia are still the same hospitable, friendly, beautiful and welcoming countries!

Rallies begin in the evening, after 21:00-22:00 on the avenue in front of parliament; they are not found anywhere outside this location. We travel all day long according to the program outside the city, and when you have free time in Tbilisi and Yerevan, in the evenings, you just don’t have to go into the crowd of the rally (the place is small and local. It won’t hurt you in any way to explore the historical part of the city and even if Are you wondering if you can go to a rally, there are police everywhere, they are peaceful and it’s safe!

I hope this information will help you make the right and informed choice for your trip :)

If you cancel your reservation early, we will be forced to charge you a percentage of the price paid:

if canceled immediately after booking and up to 35 days before the start of the tour - 15% FPR (site commission) of the full cost of the tour
if canceled from 34 to 26 days before the start of the tour - 15% FPR (site commission) of the full cost of the tour + 50% of the remaining prepayment.
if canceled from 25 days before the start of the tour - 100% of the prepayment
Additional terms:

If the tour is canceled due to the closure of the region/borders or restrictions on movement related to the political situation or COVID-19, we will return the entire prepayment, minus 15% of the FPR from the full cost of the tour. 15% of the FPR will be returned to you as a certificate for further bookings on the website of our tours.

420000 AMD /per tourist for 8 days

Number of tourists

up to 12 tourists over 9 years old

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08 Dec, 2023

Alexandr Manukyan

" Loved the overall tour for all 7 days covering all of Armenia. worth ur money for sure. thanks. Driver was very good and polite and safe driving for all 6 days. on time pickup and drop overall. Thanks for it. "